Colonial Heights Va.

Bio: The Nation's biggest tribute band to Ozzy Osbourne At 4 feet 8 Inches tall! He looks and sounds just like OZZY! Little Ozzy just appeared on the History Channel with Ozzy Osbourne himself and Son Jack! Little Ozzy was contacted to be part of Ozzy and Jack's World Detour show and the Little impersonator was told by Ozzy himself. " You do sound like me honestly" and “You are very good”. The show recently aired 9-18-2016 and included recommendations by Sharon Osbourne ,as he performed for her as well on NBC. You can watch the rerun on Little Ozzy's website and The History Channel website. Little Ozzy performs accurate Ozzy/Black Sabbath live shows. According to Howard Stern in a brief sentence on his radio show,"Little Ozzy embodies his idol in such a way it will leave you with an eerie feeling that you were in his presence" Just a couple years ago, Little Ozzy sang her song Mama I'm Coming Home , to Sharon Osbourne in front of 14 million people onNBC’s America's Got Talent. Lin never auditioned for the show. The producers were searching specifically for a pint-sized, Ozzy impersonator. Lin knew going in, he wasn't there to compete. Lin said “I knew I wasn't going any further”. Lin and his band have performed in clubs all over the country, and he plays to a packed house every time. Little Ozzy was also flown to Hollywood to make an appearance on SPIKE TV's Tattoo Nightmares. He has become known worldwide and is recognized in any town everyday for an autograph or a quick picture with fans. Little Ozzy has been featured in and has appeared in Rolling Stone, E Hollywood, TV Guide and Revolver Magazine, Blabbermouth, He trended worldwide on Twitter as the number 4 most searched for name in the entire WORLD, the night he aired on NBC. He has also appeared in countless newspapers, TV shows, and on radio interviews all over the USA. Including a major Hollywood film with Kevin Nealon and Tom Arnold. If you would like to schedule a concert event, or a personal appearance do not hesitate to email me or call me . Please find all the information you need on our website. SOUNDCLIPS, VIDEO, BIO, PICS, etc. Little Ozzy is also available for special appearences alone! Please contact Lin Doak at (804) 513-5154 Please enjoy our website! You can view press, videos, as well as pictures. I do hope you will consider this show for your venue. Sincerely, Lin Doak ( Little Ozzy)

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